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Zvono 360 video doorbell X3

131,00 € (987,02 kn )
131,00  (987,02 kn)
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Ukupno: 137.55 € (1036.37 kn)
2 rate: 68.78 € (518.19 kn) /mj.
3 rate: 45.85 € (345.46 kn) /mj.
4 rate: 34.39 € (259.09 kn) /mj.
5 rate: 27.51 € (207.27 kn) /mj.
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12 rate: 11.46 € (86.36 kn) /mj.
Dodatna oprema
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Intelligent doorbell Qihoo 360 X3

360 Video Doorbell X3 is the world’s first smart door bell with a radar sensor. The device can detect people in the coverage area, track their trajectory and minimize the probability of false alarms. What’s new is the many smart features that increase efficiency and user experience for the user.


Incredible recognition system

The Qihoo 360 X3 doorbell is designed for homes with a backyard. The user can configure the radar radius, create private zones. After activation, the system detects movement in the monitored area, tracking people and vehicles, the trajectory of their movement. Leaves, garbage, animals in the frame, passers-by (with adequate trajectory) and other safely moving objects do not trigger the alarm. Another useful option is to detect packages in front of the door, as well as trigger an alarm in case of a kidnapping attempt.


Good picture even at night

The system supports the creation of user groups by configuring action scenarios for each of them. The built-in camera has a resolution of 5 megapixels, innovative WDR (wide dynamic range) technology and advanced night vision features.


Protection of property

When any of the alarm events are activated, the system records video for 10-30 seconds, sending it to the user’s smartphone. An optional module is available for network connection and storage of recordings. An automatic alarm activation mode deters intruders.


Easy to use and good data protection

The 360 Video Doorbell X3 features a simple installation systemtamper protection with tamper tracking. It uses Chacha20 banking security to encrypt recordings. Compatibility with Alexa and Google Assistant is declared. The capacity of the installed battery is sufficient for six months of operation.



Basic product data
Manufacturer Qihoo 360
Model 360 Video DOORBELL X3
Manufacturer code AR3XAT00
Type Intelligent doorbell
Camera resolution 5 megapixels
Dimensions 145.1 mm × 52.2 mm × 36.2 mm
Weight 266 g
Viewing angle 162°
Supported functions Two-way audio communication
Remote viewing
Compatibility Alexa
Google Assistant


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